It’s Been a While. DJ G@DgEt’s 2018 News

Like anyone who manages a blog, and a business, and everyday life, it’s been a while. My initial thought that I would become some super-human DJ/Business Owner/Blogger/PR Department/Social Person/Family Person/ Human Rights Activist/Friend and still manage to write weekly was a little outside the realm of reality!!  I will definitely try to be better for those of you patient enough to wait so long for another blog post.

2018 has been a heck of a year, but I think I stopped keeping up with posts before then!!! So, to bring everyone up to speed:

St. Patrick’s Day 2016, I was contacted by Mohegan Sun Casino here in New England, this is the largest casino in the US, and 4th largest in the world, and a definite tourist hot spot. The person on the other end of the phone was Amber Cox, Vice President of the National Lacrosse League’s New England Black Wolves. At this point I had never met anyone in connection with The New England Black Wolves or the NLL, not to mention their Vice President!! As soon as I answered she asked “Is this DJ Gadget?’ she introduced herself, and proceeded to tell me terrible news that their resident team DJ had gotten into a car accident that day and couldn’t DJ. She asked me if I would be willing to DJ the game? My heart was in my throat, is this real life? I thought to myself. I of corse at this point in my career know what opportunity looks like, and promptly told her I would, still not putting two and two together, I asked where the game was and when. “Tonight at 7 pm in The Arena… rehearsal is… now… but, you know, just get here, and thank you so much!” she said, and connected me with their sound engineers to figure out audio hookups and logistics. it was 5pm when I got her call, I was in the midst of a lazy day: my hair was a mess, but maybe aesthetically pleasing to a family of birds, I hadn’t showered yet, and I had no idea what to wear, the casino is about 15 min away from me, but what about on St. Patricks day?! The day of luck at a casino?! I can’t imagine what I’m about to go through!! Despite my thoughts of worst case scenarios I made it there quickly and safely, and was hooked in and ready to go in no time, although I had nothing prepared, this family fun sporting event absolutely calls for edited music, no swearing, also I was given a quick run down of the game and what I needed to accomplish with no past experience, or ever seeing a lacrosse game outside of high school girls lacrosse, not to mention, at this point in my life I had never been to a professional sporting event!! The game went well, very few hiccups that were cordially forgiven by everyone in charge, given the circumstances. That day I finally met the mysterious woman who I spoke to on the phone, Amber Cox, and she thanked me again, and explained how she hadn’t been updated on the condition of their DJ and if I was available to be on-call for future games? I was still in a whirlwind of disbelief that Mohegan Sun Casino even knew I existed, and I of corse agreed to be their on-call DJ. I ended up doing a few more games for them and loved every second of it! (The DJ ended up being okay, which I am very grateful for)

Through working with the Black Wolves, I was in-the-know about the upcoming season of the WNBA team Connecticut Sun. I put in a bid to be their team DJ, and was hired that year to be the resident home game DJ for The CT Sun!! An experience that has brought me to a whole new level of DJing that I will forever be thankful for. To this day I sometimes have a second to think between rehearsal, and Tip-off, and during that time I sometimes look around and think, “Wow, I’m DJing Mohegan Sun Arena!!”

Through the WNBA I have also been hired to DJ for the Basketball Hall of Fame, The American Athletic Association, and The UConn Huskies Women’s College Basketball Team, a true fan favorite here in Connecticut.

The networking that I’ve developed since 2016 has brought me from a typical mobile DJ to a professional, seasoned, and accomplished DJ and Music curator, not to mention, an experienced business owner.

On October 13, 2017 I got married!! This was certainly a milestone in my life, and definitely worth mentioning. I also feel completely connected to my customers who hire me to DJ their wedding!! It is a LOT of work!

In 2017 I also took a leap of faith and advertised with a company that provides businesses in CT, RI, and MA, with magazines. I’m not sure it was a lucrative endeavor, but it taught me about working with advertisement agencies all the same. Their staff was very kind and their communication was top-notch, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as far as that goes. I do love the ad their graphics department created, and am very happy that I believed in myself enough to promote myself.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 1.56.23 PM(2017/2018 ad published by Luxe Publishing)

That brings us to 2018!

In July of 2018 a friend of mine, who works as a radio personality, mentioned that the station she was working for was looking for more help. There has been a plethora of times that I have considered getting into radio, but I couldn’t begin to figure out how someone gets into that in the first place. I always treated these thoughts as fleeting, and something that would never happen. Pro-Tip: Never underestimate yourself!! I finally put my self-doubt, and limiting attitude behind me and went with her to meet the owner of the station. For the next few weeks I woke up at 3:30 or 4 am to get to the station and see how things worked. I showed up on location to observe remote broadcasts, I sat in a busy studio, feverishly trying to stay out of the way of busy radio personalities, while simultaneously trying to pick up tricks of the trade, I talked for countless hours with the owner, learning every detail of what goes on in the studio, and most importantly the reason WHY this station was so important to him. In August I was doing my famous Stay-out-of-the-way shuffle as station owner and radio personality, Chris Dipoala, did the morning show with Ken Collins, and Frank Prosnitz. Chris announced, on air, “We have DJ Gadget here again, and she’s training, I’m just going to do something here and we will see what happens!” Chris’s personality, on and off the radio, is energetic and fun, but something about the way he said this I knew whatever he was going to do would be outstanding. I was overjoyed that I got to witness something new that he was about to do on the radio!! He took his headphones off and placed them on the desk and walked around the divider that splits the studio between the host and the table where co-hosts, and sometimes guests sit. I was incredibly confused, how would listeners see whatever it was that he was about to do???  Did he even realize this is radio?!  he took a seat at microphone 4, beside Frank, and he leaned into the mic and announced for all the listeners to hear, live, on air, “Take it away DJ Gadget!!” if it weren’t for his confidence in me, I might have failed miserably, but after I got over my internal dialogue of, “is this real life?” I jumped into action. I worked the sound board, I adjusted the levels, and I successfully started the commercial break, all without the whole world ending. By mid August I was on the radio, with my very own segment of their most popular program called, The Time Machine, on WBLQ Stereo 1230am from 1pm-4pm every Saturday. This show celebrates classic NY Radio through its music and the show’s delivery. You can also catch it at we simulcast the broadcast for our listeners out of range and international! Chris also owns two other stations that I have done shows for, mostly remote spots, meaning I am not in the studio, but rather on location broadcasting live. The other two stations are Fm frequency, they are 96.7 The Buzz, which is an alternative rock station, and 95.1 Kent County Classic Rock. Looking ahead, the goal is for me to eventually be a personality on one, if not both, of those stations as well!!

In less than a year, I have learned so much about production, and broadcasting. Yet again, I feel like I’ve taken my career as a DJ to a whole new level, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Besides the 3 hour segment I have every Saturday I have also worked with the stations broadcasting town meetings, high school sporting events, and community events.  Just this week I recorded my first commercials, two of which were approved and currently in rotation during program breaks! One is a commercial for a local business, and pending a meeting with the business owner so she can hear it for the first time! This one I’m very proud of, because per request of the business owner, she wanted a jingle. Chris, as crazy as it may seem, trusted me to take on this task. So I wrote a jingle and dialogue throughout the entire 1 min commercial. They don’t call him, “Crazy” Chris for no reason! but sometimes insanity is what makes life interesting.

IMG_2759(Small Business Saturday in Westerly RI WBLQ on location Crazy Chris and I featured on Channel 10 News WJAR)

In May of 2018, I DJed The Born This Way Fashion Show. The Theme of the 2018 gala was “Fairytale”. This is a fundraiser that has been put on since 2015 that I have DJed every year, and am a proud sponsor of. The event is to support the OutCT Youth Group, and since 2015 has been organized by Mario DeLucia.

BTW Logo

August of 2018 was the annual Pride at the Beach, with local non-profit organization, OutCT, I have worked with them on this event since 2014, and DJed their annual Pride Celebration at Ocean Beach park in New London. This is a LGBTQ+ event that is held yearly. Like all LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations it is in memory of the Stonewall Riots that spearheaded the human rights movement, and paved the way to stand in solidarity. With a grim past, this celebration is actually very entertaining and fun. As always it was a day long event full of programming to pull the community together, and celebrate individuality and equality.

Now we are in December, I have a few more events to get through before it’s 2019. I have had the pleasure of coordinating an event through international time differences, two lovely ladies that live in Australia hired me to DJ their engagement/holiday party they are having in Mystic later on this month. I can’t tell you how amazed, and blown away I am that people in Australia found me, got in contact, and hired me from over 10,000 miles away as the crow flies. I am going to be working with WBLQ working sound for their live broadcast of High School Basketball, so now I can say I have worked high school, college, and professional basketball! We have karaoke year round, but only a few left before 2019. Only two more episodes of The Time Machine before 2019, I can’t believe it!! To end the year, I have the annual Dev’s NYE party, for some reason it means so much to me that I get to end the year with Dev’s every year, what started out as acquaintances at a restaurant I frequented, then friends as the years went by and I got to know the amazing owners and staff, has now turned into family in the last 10 years of knowing them.

If you made it this far, I want to thank you for recapping 2016-2018 with me. it’s been a wild ride, but through the blood, sweat, and most definitely tears, I am proud of where I am, and how far I will go.

Until next time,

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What it Takes to be a DJ Pt 3

The Party Animal

As a DJ you are a charismatic systematic machine! No one wants “DJ Party-Pooper” to be spinning the tunes at their celebration.  While on the job it is imperative that you keep the mood elevated, this starts with you! This may be the most difficult task as a DJ, you have to leave your personal life at the door. There’s no crying in Djing!!! 


It seems so simple, but sometimes it’s incredibly hard! Nonetheless you have to have fun (or at least pretend) you are the center of the party, without you DJing, there would be a quiet room of bored people. They are looking to you to set the mood, they are searching your face for what to feel, they are at your beck and call, don’t let them down. Think I’m lying? Think about it: a movie scene is not nearly as exciting without the music behind it, the very next thing in that equation is the actors on the screen, so be your own best tool and be the very best actor you can be!!

Tell a Joke

Use the mic! A microphone is your connection to the crowd, if the music doesn’t say what you’re conveying just say it over the mic. If you can’t read your crowd, ask over the mic. “Are you guys having fun out there?” Usually this alone will get people into party mode your inquiry will be met with “whoooooo” and festive clapping (hopefully) if not then you know you have to pep up the room, telling jokes gets people laughing and if they are laughing they are having fun. Don’t turn someone’s wedding into your personal comedy show, but make them laugh, they might just dance after that.

“I Love You Man”

Complimenting guests is great! They will feel noticed and appreciated therefore they are more in tune and willing to dance to your music (especially if they like you.) The quality of time you spend with people is important, notice them, they didn’t get all dressed up for nothing.

Dance Magic Dance 

People are shy … My signature wedding move is to toss a line dance and get out there ! Know your line dances, bring out a mic to verbally direct people when they can’t see you and go have fun, you party animal you! Not every Dj is necessarily DJing a wedding though, what if you are DJing at a club and no one is dancing?! Same theory–go dance! Toss up an hour mix and jump out there and get people in the mood, if your club isn’t dancing (highly unlikely) you have to do SOMETHING so my advice is try everything you can.

Live Laugh Love Dance

It’s a simple motto, almost cliche, but works every time. A Dj is a character, who has to play the part, people want to be happy and smiles are contagious. People want to have fun so show them how !! No one knows better than you how to party to your music!!

This is the third and final section of “What it Takes to be a DJ” thanks for following along more blogs to come stay tuned!!

What it Takes to be a DJ Pt 2

The Entrepreneur

The difference between being a DJ and being someone who knows how to DJ is doing what you do. Recently, I came across a really great blog that inspired this: “You Are What You Do (the Most Of)” by Christopher Gabriel Núñez. Through building my business up, I’ve faced many questions in creating what I am.

For example: What kind of DJ am I willing to be? Is this my full-time job? Is this a hobby? How do I make enough money through the off-season? Am I good enough? Do I pour all my money into developing my system and business? And the all-time big question: Should I get a “real” job?

It was pretty hard to get a confident answer on any of these questions before I changed my mindset. In order to get some answers, I had to start thinking about my business as a legit business. I started reading Forbes, watching TED Talks, subscribing to Young Entrepreneurs Magazines and web articles, and talking to financial experts. Basically, I took myself seriously.  I adopted an entrepreneurial frame of mind. My new motto became “You CAN do it, so DO IT”

Business cards and advertising are crucial. At first, I rarely carried business cards but you’d be surprised on how many people ask for one. Business cards are cheap, easy to make, and professional. As a DJ, I AM a professional, so I should start acting like one! If you’re looking to be a professional DJ, you should get business cards too.

Business Cards

I went to VistaPrint for mine, along with car magnets for the sides of my Jeep. You are only as legit as you choose to be, car magnets are not by any means the most official form of advertising, but they are a start.

My First steps in Advertising for myself.
My First steps in Advertising for myself.

These have been my first steps in promoting myself and my business.

Make a 5-Year-Plan (And Stick With It)

Have you made a 5-year-plan yet? If your answer is no, then why not? Maybe a 5-Year-Plan seems cheesy because some silly intro class in college made you make one, and the lack of support you received in following through. Maybe it seems futile because of all the job interviews you’ve suffered through and lied through your teeth about where you’d like to be in 5 years. Or maybe it’s your ability to brown-nose your whole way through the interview to become something you never wanted to be in the first place, but needed to be in the moment. As a DJ, YOU are your boss, you are your business, and you are your future, so now more than ever those questions matter. So sit yourself down, and kiss your own derrière for once. You owe yourself honest answers to the following:

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

How much money do you want to be making?

Why do you want to work here?

What are your goals in this company?

There are vast differences in the two questions, “What do you do?” and “What are you doing?”

Maybe 5 years is beyond your comprehension, so change it! You are the boss! Make a 1-Year-Plan and if you can stick to that make a 2-Year-Plan and conduct your business like that.

Research your business.

Not knowing certain things about the business doesn’t make you a fake. The “Fraud Police” are not going to bust down your door. Learning as I go has been my only option many times, more often than not. It also doesn’t hurt to do some research. What are other DJs doing? How are they doing it? Did it work for them? I would have never (at this point in my development) thought to create a DJ Blog, but here I am! Having a blog keeps me thinking about my next step, makes me responsible for my business, and keeps the gears turning about different DJ topics. I am constantly looking for inspiration for topics. I am constantly hunting for time to update, even if I don’t have gigs I have work to do.  I’m learning more and more from other platforms, including face-to-face conversations with other local DJs, looking at different things on the Internet, and TED talks (as I mentioned before). The technology that is constantly creating a whole new world for DJs, old and new, is astounding.

I’m really interested in upgrading constantly. Faster than I’d like to admit, I am learning exactly how expensive that is to do, but it’s what keeps me legit. This is the first year that I feel like my feet may be lifting off the ground. I am recognized far more often this year than the last 6 years I’ve been doing this.  Do I think it’s my new entrepreneurial outlook? Yes. I am taking myself seriously, and so is the world.

What it Takes to Be a DJ

“Why do you like me as a DJ?”

“Because you have personality; you always just know what to do — the crowd loves you.”

   This was the exact moment I realized I could be a very successful DJ.  DJ’ing is often like walking down a New York City street for hours and hours and having to talk to everyone who passes by and ensuring that each and every one of them enjoy the interaction. Being a DJ means having the right personality at the right time. There’s no one personality that a DJ must have; rather there are several. These personalities are sometimes interchangeable and most often a series of trials and errors in attempts to please the host and their guests. Because this will be a weekly blog, I will focus on describing one personality at a time. First up we have:

The Crowd Pleaser

   While every DJ’s job is to please the crowd, the Crowd Pleaser is the DJ that knows all of the tricks to keep the crowd happy.  As a DJ, this can be excruciating at times, especially when there are age gaps in the crowd, like at weddings. I usually overcome this by starting off with slow music, that way the young bucks out there can get their drink on, while the more mature crowd (who will most likely want to leave early) can enjoy themselves. Inevitably there comes a point where everyone has abandoned inhibitions and dances together.

Usually during cocktail hour, I meander the room. I introduce myself to the guests, talk about music, ask their favorite bands, and make mental notes. This way if there’s a lull in the dancing I know my go-to songs.  The Crowd Pleaser is the personality that knows this is important and strives for perfection. It’s no secret that weddings are primarily disco and top 40, so as a Crowd Pleaser you need to KNOW this music, DJ’ing isn’t just about showing up and pushing play; it’s about knowing the music, knowing the beats and how it flows, and understanding what message the songs portray. You can totally ruin a moment by going from Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh to Thrift Shop by Macklemore. Research is key- if you don’t know a genre, it doesn’t make you a bad DJ; not looking into it would make you a bad DJ.

I was hired to do a traditional gay T-Dance a restaurant, and let’s face it: I’m way too young to have ever gone to an old school T-Dance, but I wanted more than anything to please the crowd. I researched T-Dances and found out a lot about gay culture, and what the hosts expected. I also learned a lot about resident DJ Mary Alice from P-Town and set out to emulate her famous T-Dances.  By the end of the night, I had people telling me about the 70s and 80s and DJ Mary Alice, and I’ve been invited back to that restaurant repeatedly because they now know I can provide any theme they are promoting.

The Crowd Pleaser smiles. It’s really that simple. Don’t look unapproachable, don’t look too busy to take requests (even though you usually are), and always say thank you.  You are a guest to the person that hired you, and no one ever advertised for the DJ that treated the crowd as an inconvenience, The Crowd Pleaser is always charming and patient. As a DJ, your job is also to get whatever the crowd wants to hear on those speakers!! If you have WiFi, download the request! If it’s a song on the guest’s phone, have the cord to play their phone. Try as hard as you can to fulfill requests. Consider that you are making a lot of money because the host is paying a lot of money. Aim to please!

The Crowd Pleaser personality is pretty self-explanatory, but we all need these reminders in life. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with an impossible client or to push aside the nerves of performing in order to appear approachable, but remember that the goal is to get advertising through each gig, so smile sunshine!!


So what the heck are Gêårz?! 

Gêårz is a term I created to identify my followers, fans, and friends.

It makes sense in a poetically roundabout way, I promise. Everyone knows what gears are … But just so we’re all on the same page:

Gear | gi(e)r | noun

plural noun: gears

1. one of a set of toothed wheels that work together to alter the relation between the speed of a driving mechanism (such as the engine of a vehicle or the crank of a bicycle) and the speed of the driven parts (the wheels).

a particular function or state of adjustment of engaged gears.

“he was tooling along in fifth gear”

used in reference to the level of effort or intensity expended in an activity or undertaking.

“from this weekend, the campaign is expected to step up a gear”

2. informal

equipment that is used for a particular purpose.

synonyms: equipment, apparatus, paraphernalia, articles, appliances, impedimenta; More

tools, utensils, implements, instruments, gadgets; ( <~~  just sayin’)

stuff, things;

kit, rig, tackle, odds and ends, bits and pieces, trappings, appurtenances, accoutrements,

synonyms: belongings, possessions, effects, personal effects, property, paraphernalia, odds and ends, bits and pieces, bags, baggage, luggage; …


a ship’s rigging.

Yup I can hear it now:



    My art has always been a little hard to put into words, but to be clear I’m personifying the object not objectifying people.

    It’s spelled really weird… Is that even English? No, technically it’s not even a real word, it’s something I created off of the model word: Gear. Obviously you all aren’t metal trinkets in an engine, you are people! You are different than gears, so that’s why the word needed to look different. Typography and language are two very cool ways to be expressive. I personally feel that I am a different kind of DJ too, my goals are attainable, but I refuse to lose my soul along the way, I want to help my community as much as I want to be a successful DJ, and so far it’s working out quite nicely.

    Gears are the fundamental component to any machine. They need to be taken care of, well oiled, and considered when something isn’t working in a moving machine. My Gêårz move me.  They motivate me to do all of this. They drive me to take care of myself so I can make every show.  I  spend ridiculous amounts of money on things I need for a better show, only because I care about what you all think, and the experience you have, I’m still nervous before a show because I always wonder if my show will meet your expectations, Gëårz keep me going.

    Gêårz make me step it up constantly! I started out as a DJ who hooked into a club’s system and that was that. I didn’t have the equipment to do anything about how my shows would sound, and I constantly had to remind myself that their inability to maintain their business was not my fault. My first true step in forming this business was when a loyal follower came up to me and said, “I love your music!! I wish their speakers didn’t ruin it.”  I remember feeling like I got punched in the chest– the sadness that I felt made my whole body chilled.  I instantly thought I was wasting my time and my crowd wasn’t enjoying themselves to the level they could be. So that week (especially after another DJ blew the inevitably dying speakers) I bought an entire system. All of a sudden my shows filled the entire room, people said they felt like they were finally at the club they were expecting to be at. I could now answer the question,

“Do you have your own equipment? Can we hire you?”

With “Of corse! I’d love to work your event!!”  

    Anybody can have music, speakers, stands, a computer, and a mixer; isn’t it all worthless if you have no one to listen to you? I could have all the gear in the world; I could have all the BEST gear money could buy, but without my Gêårz my passion for providing the best show I can, all is in vain. If my computer breaks, my business will recover. If I need new stands I will buy them, but my board isn’t the reason I smile at a gig. When I look out on the dance floor and realize I’ve set an atmosphere that people have loosened their ties, kicked off their shoes, and put their inhibitions aside —-THAT is honestly the moment I’m proud of. I will embarrass myself all night if it means my Gêårz smile, and feel infinite for just one night. That’s what makes me a DJ, it’s you!

    Anyone who follows me on Twitter @GoGoDJGaDgEt knows I work on a boat as well, as a bartender… There are a few things in this life that make me feel alive, one is obviously the point of this blog, the other is the ocean. The last part of the definition I provided is “A ships rigging” and rigging is the ropes and such that hoist the sails in order for the ship to sail. Ships have a history of Discovering magnificent things, new land, hope, dreams, a plethora of beautiful opportunity has been brought to us by ships. It may be a bit too cliché and mildly intimate to say my Gêårz are “the wind in my sails” but I wouldn’t have it any other way, as of now I have the opportunity to get to know most of my fans, I’m cherishing these moments, because as I get a broader fan base it may become impossible to become so close to all my followers.

One of my biggest inspirations due to her ground-up success
is singer and author Amanda Palmer, who stays close to her
fans the best she can via social networking, I can only hope to
be as successful as her in staying connected.

So this is officially the debut of #Gêårz post it on my page, your page, any page!! To signify that you are proud to follow someone who is proud of you!!

Hello world!

“Expressive” is the word that fans of DJ G@DgEt (whom she likes to call Gêårz) use to describe her work. As a self-taught DJ, starting her career in Southeastern Connecticut, G@DgEt has had the joy of traveling up and down the East coast for numerous events. She started as a bartender, but something pushed her to create an atmosphere that was second to none. She thought that the answer was becoming an event coordinator because it was closer to her forte, yet something was lacking . . . So, with a lot of practice and dedication, DJ G@DgEt started mixing tunes and the recipe was complete. Creating moments and telling a story through music is what her main focus is, in addition to keeping her audience entertained throughout the journey.

With an approachable and fun energy level, matched with professionalism, DJ G@DgEt is enthusiastic about making your party a success. DJ G@DgEt officially started her DJing experience with Spotlight Entertainment in 2009. In that time she has worked with Nonprofit organization OutCT (an organization moving to promote awareness, tolerance and programming for the LGBTQIA community) She was the DJ for their Pride at the Beach festival in 2014, and is making a reappearance in 2015 for their Downtown Pride Festival August 29th. She has live-mixed for dance crews, local artists, and drag performances. DJ G@DgEt was also the DJ for the first ever Born This Way Fashion Show, created by Mario Delucia to help fund a youth program for LGBTQIA in CT. In part because of DJ G@DgEt, the fundraiser raised $13,000. DJ G@DgEt has been known to keep people on the dance floor with whatever it takes at nightclubs, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and backyard shindigs. With plans in the future to record with local rap artists and singers, this girl is unstoppable! 

What do you get a girl who has plans to be everything? A Drink! Look out for DJ G@DgEt at your local night clubs, Pride celebrations, and the hottest parties. To keep track of her, add her on Twitter @GoGoDJGaDgEt or on and remember, #GirlDJsRock !!!!

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